Rules of Play
Neetz Events and Rentals
Bubble Battles and other Fun Games 

Number 1 Rule:   HAVE FUN

Signed Waiver!:   A Waiver must be signed for each player. If under 18 years old it must be signed by a parent or guardian. In cases of group Rentals such a parties and team bonding the Renter can sign for all participants.

No blindsided hits!:   Or unnecessary rough play such as If a player is facing in the opposite direction it is ok to give them a nudge. However no full speed on bumps to a player that is not looking. Purposely attempting to blindside and injure another player will stop play and you will be taken out and not allowed to play again.

All play stops!:   immediately when the coordinator blows the whistle.

You must remain!:   in the Bubble when in the field of any game play.

Bubble Attire

No jewelry!:   Please remove all necklaces, watches, rings or earrings anywhere on your body before entering the bubble.

Clothing!:   wear loose and comfortable sports clothing, preferably no zippers.

No cleats!   of any kind. Appropriate closed footwear, tennis shoes are required.

No hair barrettes, bobby pins or belts.

No sunglasses or eyeglasses unless worn with sports goggles.

We also recommend knee pads, and ankle braces as a precaution for both indoor and outdoor play!

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